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Distribution of relief goods to people affected by floods in Khartoum. The relief goods are organized and ready to be taken away.

How we fund our work

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We are able to carry out our many activities in Switzerland and abroad thanks to the financial support of various public and private partners. The overheads for many of our services are covered in part by contributions from the beneficiaries. Some of our activities are assignments from the publi authorities.

SRC Headquarters

The overheads of the SRC Headquarters are funded, roughly equally from:

  • Private donations and sponsorships    

  • Assignments for the public authorities and our own income sources       

  • Contributions from other organizations (Swiss Solidarity, SRC Humanitarian Foundation, other Red Cross organizations)

We are recognized as the only Red Cross society in Switzerland and receive an annual lump sum from the federal government for our services. Otherwise the SRC receives no state subsidies.

SRC Association

The cantonal associations and rescue organizations are legally independent institutions. If you have questions about our funding, please consult our annual reports.

Private funding

Private individuals, foundations, companies, cantons, cities and communal authorities donate funds that are either earmarked for specific services and projects in Switzerland and abroad or for our work in general. Companies support us through sponsorship agreements.

Our cooperation with corporate entities is based on guidelines that take account of the Red Cross Fundamental Principles. We conduct due diligence on potential partners.

Markus Mader, SRC Director, Emelie Dorlin from Johnson & Johnson and Roberto Cirillo, CEO Swiss Post, sort goods from the 2 x Christmas campaign.

Our partners

Find out more about our partners (available in German, French, Italian).

Our partners

Public support


The Swiss Red Cross provides specific services on assignment from the federal and cantonal authorities. For example, it recognizes foreign qualifications in the healthcare professions. On behalf of the federal government, Swiss Transfusion SRC and the 11 regional blood transfusion services supply hospitals throughout the country with blood products. The cantonal government in Uri has entrusted the care and accommodation services for asylum-seekers and refugees to the Swiss Red Cross. Various cantonal associations provide other public services under contract to the cantonal authorities.

SDC contributions

The Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation (SDC) provides the Swiss Red Cross with financial support for its projects abroad. Together we pursue Switzerland’s international cooperation goals:

Our own income

Some of our services are subject to a charge. However, since we maintain them at socially acceptable levels, the income rarely covers our overheads. We therefore partially fund these services through donations.

Contributions from other organizations

Swiss Solidarity

The Swiss Red Cross is one of 24 partners accredited by Swiss SolidarityOpens a new window to provide longer-term reconstruction projects in the wake of natural disasters.

Swiss Solidarity is an independent foundation. In partnership with the Swiss national broadcaster, Swiss Solidarity collects donations for the victims of humanitarian crises such as armed conflicts, earthquakes or floods in Switzerland and abroad.

SRC Humanitarian Foundation

The SRC Humanitarian FoundationOpens a new window is an institution of the Swiss Red Cross. Its sole purpose is to support campaigns and humanitarian projects run by Red Cross and Red Crescent societies.


ZEWO hallmark

The SRC has been awarded the Zewo hallmark. The hallmark shows you that the SRC is worthy of your trust.

Zewo certificate logo

Read more about our work in our annual report

Our online annual report is available in German, French and Italian.

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