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Disasters in North Africa – support emergency aid

In Libya and Morocco, our teams are helping the victims of the natural disasters. Your donation enables us to support them.

A volounteer of the redcross cares for a father with his child

Leave a legacy of humanity

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If you include the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) in your will once loved ones are taken care of, you will be helping generations of vulnerable people after you. Worldwide, wherever help is most needed. Any contribution from your estate will support our work. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about estate planning.


The most important changes to succession law in 2023

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Swiss succession law has changed. Now, assets can be disposed of more freely.

Swiss succession law has changed. Now, assets can be disposed of more freely since 2023:

  • No compulsory share for the parents

  • The compulsory share for the descendants is reduced

  • Unmarried couples without descendants can bequeath their estate in full to a charitable organization

Anyone wishing to take advantage of these new opportunities must draw up a will or a contract of succession.

Interview with succession law expert Birgit Biedermann

Why should I include the SRC in my will?

The SRC is the oldest charity in Switzerland. It will carry on being there for people in need. Climate change is causing more and more natural disasters. Extreme weather events are leading to food shortages in the poorest regions of the world. Any amount from your estate will support the SRC’s work helping future generations. Inheritances and bequests to the SRC are exempt from inheritance tax.

Sigrid Joss-Arnd has included the SRC in her will. She explains why:

How much of my estate can I bequeath freely in Switzerland?

Find out here, with the statutory entitlement calculator, who your heirs are if you don’t write a will. You will also see how much of your estate you are free to dispose of.

ältere Frau und älterer Mann im Gespräch

Statutory entitlement calculator

See how much of your estate your are free to dispose of.

Statutory entitlement calculator

Essential elements of a legally valid will

To ensure your will is valid, write it out in your own hand from beginning to end. Use a ballpoint pen. At the top, write ‘My will’, ‘Last will and testament’, or ‘Last will’. Make sure your will is clear and unambiguous. Most importantly, at the bottom, sign the will with the date and place.
You can find more templates and examples with important information on our advice page.

Example of a testament in German

Free advice pack from the SRC

The free SRC advice pack shows you step by step how to write a valid last will and testament. Our advice pack contains the following:

  • How to write a legally valid will

  • Information about the contract of succession

  • Various templates

  • Handy checklists for your estate planning

  • Instructions on how to include the SRC in your will

A hand with a ballpoint pen writing "My Will" on a piece of paper.

Order now the SRC advice pack

How to write a legally valid will

Order now the SRC advice pack

Wills, contracts of succession and legacies in Switzerland: frequently asked questions

Contact me for a private discussion.

Marianne Dätwyler, Responsible estate planning

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