Markus Mader (Director, SRC), Emelie Dorlin (Senior Manager Community Impact, Johnson & Johnson) and Roberto Cirillo (CEO, Swiss Post) at work for “2xChristmas”.

Put corporate social responsibility into effect

Would you like to make a long-term commitment with your company? Are you looking for a sponsorship opportunity? The Swiss Red Cross has many years of experience in close partnerships with businesses. Put your corporate social responsibility strategy into practice with us. Together, we can shape a sustainable future.

What a partnership offers

Nowadays, many companies assume environmental and social responsibility. A partnership with the Red Cross will set your company apart from your competitors by:

  • helping to achieve Agenda 2030 goals (SDG)

  • strengthening your company’s corporate social responsibility strategy

  • achieving market development goals through sponsorship

  • winning over employees and customers through the meaningfulness of the corporate activity

UN Global Goals
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Our official partners

Partnership models and philanthropy

We offer a range of partnership models and opportunities for sponsorship and social commitment. Be inspired.

Official partnership: tailored strategic cooperation

An official partnership is the strongest and closest model of partnership with the SRC. As an official partner, you support a humanitarian area suited to you or a service in Switzerland as well as the general work of the SRC. We offer tailored, strategically sound, comprehensive cooperation. In return, you can incorporate the partnership in your communications and position your company in terms of the shared social commitment.

Coop and the SRC have been acting as advocates for people living in poverty in Switzerland since 2015. For example, Coop makes generous donations of goods for ‘2 × Christmas’, sells ‘Grittibänz’ brioche figures to raise funds for the SRC and supports the SRC family platform. Coop customers can also add their support by donating Coop superpoints. They can demonstrate their solidarity with a good deed on the annual Day of Good Deeds.

Health insurer Helsana has been supporting first aid and respite for family caregivers since 2020. Through its COMPLETA supplementary insurance, it contributes to the cost of first aid courses and the upfront costs of the ‘Red Cross emergency call watch’ because in an emergency, it is vital that as many people as possible are able to give and receive first aid.

Novartis and the SRC have been acting as advocates for people in need since 2013. Under the partnership, Novartis sponsors ‘chili’, a conflict training programme for Swiss schools. Other focal areas include disaster prevention in Honduras and financial support in major catastrophes.

The Swiss Red Cross (SRC) has entered into a three-year 'official partnership' with the Swiss Post. Together, the two organizations plan to help fight poverty in Switzerland. The partnership will focus on the «2 x Christmas» campaign and the year-long support for people who have suddenly found themselves in financial difficulties.

Helsana video as an example of an SRC partnership: Helsana helps to ensure that as many people as possible can provide first aid.

Project partner: targeted aid

As a project partner, you support the SRC financially in humanitarian projects lasting several years, both in Switzerland and abroad. This gives you a targeted insight into an issue. We also draw attention to philanthropic commitment with a project partnership.

Allianz Suisse was an official partner of the SRC from 2007 to 2021. It supported the Red Cross transport service and the SRC’s emergency and disaster aid. The company will continue to fund driver training for the volunteer drivers. Allianz employees make a committed contribution to the «2 x Christmas» campaign.

AXA supports the «Red Cross vacation» project that helps children who have faced traumatic experiences, such as crises, war or displacement, to rest and relax. The children acquire new skills through play and are helped to integrate into society.

Credit Suisse supports the Red Cross youth groups and gives the Credit Suisse Red Cross Youth Award.

Colin&Cie Wealth Management set up the Social Responsibility Fund in 2019. This gives clients the opportunity to invest money sustainably while also supporting Red Cross projects.

The company supports respite for caregiving relatives who look after family members with dementia.

Example of a project partnership: Members of the Geneva Red Cross youth group show the cheque they received as winners of the Credit Suisse Red Cross Youth Award 2021.

Promotional partner: sales-dependent donations

As a promotional partner, you carry out short-term sales promotions with the SRC, providing your specialist expertise. The SRC receives a certain percentage / fixed amount for each item sold or benefits from a waiver of fees.

Together with Sanofi, BENU pharmacies collect donations twice a year for people living in poverty. This gives them access to healthcare provision or a contribution to healthcare costs.

Hansaplast supports the Swiss Red Cross by strengthening its first aid programme. The firm developed a wound care kit for use at home and on the go. For every set sold, two francs will be donated to the Swiss Red Cross.

Anyone who collects their empty printer cartridges and toner for the SRC project ‘Every toner counts’ is not only protecting the environment but also supporting families living in poverty and people in need in Switzerland.

Customers of the digital bank Revolut can donate their change or set up a standing order to the SRC in the app.

Example of a promotional partnership: Awareness of a Red Cross donation campaign is raised at the checkout in a BENU pharmacy.

Event sponsorship: exclusive stage

Support our benefits with guests from the worlds of finance, culture, politics and society. Become an event sponsor and provide financial support or material assistance for our events.

We offer you exclusive sponsorship deals and are always grateful for valuable non-cash prizes. Please get in touch with us.

The medica medical laboratories of Dr F. Kaeppeli have been a premium sponsor and thus the main backer of the Red Cross Gala in St Moritz since 2016.

Swiss audit, accounting and consulting firm BDO has been a gold sponsor of the Red Cross Galas in Zurich and St Moritz for a number of years.

The bank has been supporting us as main sponsor of the Red Cross Ball in Geneva since 2015.

Example of a sponsorship partnership: the committee of the Red Cross Gala Zurich in front of the sponsor wall.
Example of a sponsorship partnership: the committee of the Red Cross Gala Zurich in front of the sponsor wall.

Our partners

Find out more about our partners (available in German, French, Italian).

Donations for emergency and disaster aid

Every year, the SRC provides emergency humanitarian aid around the world. As a company, you can support us with a donation. We can help you set up a donation campaign for employees, for example. In return, the company usually matches or rounds up employee donations.

Corporate volunteering

Are you looking for meaningful volunteer opportunities for your employees? Through our assignments, your employees can support the most vulnerable members of our society. For your employees, corporate volunteering is an unforgettable and enriching experience, and for us, it represents valuable support. Get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

At a mapathon event, employees record previously unmapped buildings and streets in OpenStreetMap. This supports humanitarian assignments. We hold these events virtually, assist your employees with the mapathon and provide an insight into our work. Mapathons are chargeable events.

The ‘2 × Christmas’ campaign helps to share and pass on the joy of Christmas giving. As part of a corporate volunteering initiative, volunteers spend a day at the SRC office in Wabern opening parcels, checking them and sorting them. We provide refreshments, you donate CHF 10,000 per day to ‘2 × Christmas’.

Under certain conditions, your company can support blood donation campaigns. Please get in touch with us or contact directly Swiss Transfusion SRC (content in German).

Sponsored runs are good for team building, promote employee health and generate valuable donations. You and your employees can launch independent campaigns and collect donations on our platform «ActNow Red Cross».

Test new digital solutions for the social sector to see how user-friendly they are. You can plan when and where these initiatives take place.

What sets us apart

We offer:

  • careful, targeted use of funds, transparent reporting and tax-deductible donations

  • being a part of the world’s largest humanitarian movement and partner for implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

  • contact for companies in Switzerland with a national presence, liaising with cantonal associations and/or rescue organizations

  • account management with a dedicated contact and global account management for all Swiss companies for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

  • financial reporting standard: Swiss GAAP FER

  • certifications: Zewo, Swiss NPO Code

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