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Help us reunite families

The Swiss Red Cross (SRC) is on the front line helping families torn apart by conflict, natural disasters and other humanitarian emergencies. It is our mission to trace missing persons and relieve the anxiety of families looking for them.

Your support is essential if we are to step up our tracing activities and provide hope for those living in fear for their loved ones. The SRC Tracing Service is a free service to help people search for missing relatives. The Tracing Service is funded by donations. By supporting the SRC Tracing Service, you are making a significant contribution to reuniting separated families and restoring family ties. Your solidarity transforms lives. 

Do you need any help?

Are you searching for a missing relative? You can find out about the procedure on the ‘Tracing missing persons’ page. 

Tracing missing persons

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Reunite families

Over the last few years, there has been a significant rise in the cases of missing persons. Every franc you donate enables us to continue our searches, providing hope and support for families desperate for news.

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The impact of your solidarity

The anxiety of not knowing what has become of family members, or even if they are still alive, is a heavy burden for thousands of people. Your generosity has a direct impact:  

  • Tracing missing persons and resolving cases  

  • Reuniting families 

  • Emotional and social support 

  • Legal and administrative assistance 

  • Peace of mind and stability for the families concerned 

Your support makes all the difference


With CHF 60, you enable a search through our online search platform.


With CHF 120, you support our work to provide a search abroad.


With CHF 175, you help us to facilitate reunions and rebuild lives.

The Red Cross Tracing Service works relentlessly all around the world

150 years of family reunification through the Red Cross Tracing Service

Tracing missing persons and reuniting families has long been an essential part of the work of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.. Over the past 150 years, we have not stopped helping to trace missing family members. 

The SRC Tracing Service and the Family Reunification Service play a vital role in helping families torn apart by unforeseen circumstances. With your support, we can do more than just actively searching and can offer a full service to those people suffering because their loved ones are missing. We gather essential information and work tireless to clarify what has happened to their missing family members. 

Nicole Windlin, head of the Swiss Red Cross's search service stands in front of an impressive historical mural of the Swiss Red Cross.
The uncertainty of not knowing what has happened to a loved one is a particular type of suffering. Those searching are constantly tormented by questions about the fate of their relatives or the reasons why they have no news. They are torn between hope and despair. Have they been killed or are they alive? Without a definitive response, it is very difficult to continue living a normal life.

Nicole Windlin, Head of the SRC Tracing Service

Emotional reunions

Imelda’s and Hassan’s stories show the major, life-changing impact of the SRC Tracing Service’s work. By helping people find their loved ones, the SRC helps fill the void left by years of separation and uncertainty.

  • Hassan fled Afghanistan: At the age of 17, Hassan finds himself on a difficult and lonely path, having left his native Afghanistan at the age of 15, a country torn apart by war and conflict. His poignant story is charged with emotion, just like that of the many young Afghans who turn to Switzerland looking for security and a new future.

  • Imelda’s emotional story: Imelda Morard was separated from her family when she was a child and lived most of her life with an enormous void in her heart. Thanks to the work of the SRC Tracing Service, at the age of 67, Imelda was finally able to find her roots, an emotional journey that started with uncertainty and ended with an unexpected and all the more moving reunion with her niece.

Your support: essential to the humanitarian tracing mission 

Every donation you make enables us to pursue our mission. It funds our work, tracing missing individuals and providing support for their families. Your contributions are essential, as they help to turn reunions into moments of joy, or invaluable support when the news is less comforting.

Our professionals provide emotional and social support, but also legal and administrative assistance. Your donation today might be the key to helping a family find peace of mind and stability. 

Please feel free to contact us

Julian Macchi and his Donor Service team will be delighted to help. Just call us or drop us an email.

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