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War, displacement, migration or family conflicts – there are many reasons why families lose touch or become separated. The SRC Tracing Service can help you look for missing relatives.

Our Tracing Service

  • We provide counselling and support.

  • We search for missing persons.

  • We pass on Red Cross news.

  • We investigate the fate of missing persons and potential burial locations.

  • We help you find personal documents and obtain access to files.

  • We obtain confirmation of detention through the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

The SRC Tracing Service helps people search for missing relatives all over the world. It works with the ICRC and the tracing services of more than 190 other Red Cross or Red Crescent Societies.

Rescue dog teams

REDOG rescue dog teams search for missing persons in Switzerland, for example people with dementia or buried under rubble. The rescue teams are all volunteers.

Contact REDOG

How do I start my search?

Call us!

If you wish to start a search, please contact us by phone. You can find our telephone number and opening hours by clicking on "Contact" (top right).

In order to understand your situation, we would like to talk to you directly. After this first interview we will be able to tell you if and when we can help you with your search.

The phone interview is possible in the following languages

  • German

  • French

  • Italian

  • English

  • Spanish

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

You do not speak any of these languages? Please call the first time with someone who can translate. If there are following interviews, we will organise interpreters as required.

Are you supporting unaccompanied minors?

Reference persons, legal representatives, legal guardians can submit requests to us by sending an e-mail containing the following form to


Limited capacity

We are currently supporting more than 600 people in the search of their family. To do this properly, it is not enough to register the requests we receive. It is also necessary to ensure a follow-up in Switzerland and abroad and to accompany the people concerned throughout the search process, which can take a long time.

In order to ensure that each tracing request is treated with the highest quality, we only accept new applications when we have the necessary time resources available.

What you can do

In the meantime, you have the following options:

Tracing services network, Switzerland

The following organizations can support you in searching for individuals:

Trace the Face: online search

Trace the Face is an organization that publishes photos of people looking for their relatives. It will help you in your search.

Look for your family

Have you lost touch with a relative during displacement? On Trace the Face you will find photos of thousands of people who are looking for missing relatives.

The SRC Tracing Service adheres to these principles

  • Your personal details and those of the missing person are kept strictly confidential. We discuss with you how we will use these details before starting the search.

  • We talk to you about the most suitable approach to take.

  • We always ask the missing person whether they would like to re-establish contact.

  • Our services are free of charge. However, donations are always welcome.

Q&A regarding the cyberattack on the ICRC

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