A woman from the Emergency Response unit walks towards a tent with a medical team and a patient.

Help for people in need

Earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, conflicts, epidemics or drought: every year, hundreds of thousands of people fall victim to serious disasters. And the world's poorest populations are particularly affected. Many of them lose their livelihoods. Climate change is resulting in more frequent natural disasters. The Swiss Red Cross disaster relief service provides help to those who need it, all over the world. Wherever help is needed.


Help where it’s needed most needed

Help people in need all across the world and in Switzerland, too. Support the SRC’s disaster relief and disaster prevention work.

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Ready for action thanks to your donation

The SRC disaster relief service helps those affected by disasters. Thanks to your donation, our disaster relief teams are ready for action. We provide emergency aid whenever and wherever people need us. Put simply, the Red Cross gets essential supplies to those who need it, and does so quickly. These typically include relief supplies, drinking water and temporary accommodation.

Your gesture of solidarity for the holiday season

For many people, the end-of-year holiday celebrations focus on family, sharing and generosity.

Unfortunately, many children and their families cannot look forward to spending this period in the warmth of their own homes. Share some of your comfort with vulnerable people over the holiday season and into the new year. Support our aid campaigns and help people in the most difficult circumstances. Together, we can give some hope and new prospects to those in the greatest need.

Your donation saves lives

We help reduce the impact of disasters by helping people prepare for them. This protects the poorest and saves lives – basically we provide support before anything happens. We use your donation to provide assistance in countries affected by poverty. So your donation helps people survive natural disasters. You also support rebuilding efforts after a disaster.

Fast and efficient disaster response

This is where your donation helps


million people

Every year, 200 million people are under threat from natural disasters.


Swiss francs

That’s the cost of an SRC emergency kit. It contains essential supplies for use in a crisis.



The Red Cross is running disaster prevention projects in 17 countries.

Natural disasters provoked by climate change

Climate change is causing extreme weather events. Torrential rainfall floods whole regions. People suffer due to extreme droughts. Harvests fail and food supplies run out more and more often. Peoples lose their homes due to hurricanes. Earthquakes also cause massive destruction and immense suffering. All over the world, it's very often the poorest communities who are hit by natural disasters.

Your support makes a difference

Disasters can happen at any time, anywhere. Teams from the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies are constantly in action. By donating, you are making an important contribution to the disaster relief service. Thanks to you, the Red Cross can offer fast, targeted aid to the people affected in Switzerland and abroad.
We distribute food and drinking water, organize shelter and protection and provide emergency medical assistance.

We would like to thank you most sincerely for your support. Your donation helps provide vital assistance to survivors of natural disasters and supports other Red Cross projects to help people in need.

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