Red Cross volunteers are providing refugees from Ukraine in neighbouring countries with essential supplies.

Ukraine: Help for refugees and those in need

Relieve hardship with your donation. The Swiss Red Cross (SRC) is supporting emergency aid in the border regions of Ukraine, where thousands of people are seeking protection every day. Your donation is vital for people who have fled with only the essentials.


Ukraine: let's help together!

We thank you warmly for your solidarity. Your donation allows us to support the teams
mobilized in Ukraine who save and protect the lives of victims of armed conflict and violence.

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Red Cross aid for those in need in the Ukraine conflict

These are largely women, children and elderly people, who have had to leave their homeland to save their lives with only the essentials. The need for essential goods in countries neighbouring Ukraine is growing daily. Tens of thousands of refugees need water, food,
blankets and emergency accommodation. The suffering of the refugees is immense. Many fear for the lives of relatives in Ukraine. The Red Cross societies in neighbouring Moldova, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary are working tirelessly. They are providing the many refugees with basic necessities after they cross the border and organizing emergency accommodation. SRC Disaster Relief is supporting its sister societies directly on the ground and financially.

A team from SRC Disaster Relief is working in the west of Ukraine at the request of the Ukrainian Red Cross. Thousands of refugees are dependent on emergency accommodation and medical aid in this western border region too.

In Switzerland, the SRC together with its cantonal associations is helping with the initial care and integration of families who have had to flee Ukraine.

How the Red Cross is helping

Why your financial donation is the best way to help

Financial donations can be used to rapidly provide what those in need require most urgently. Including when needs change. Some essential goods can be purchased more quickly on the ground. This also supports the local economy of a country.

The SRC therefore does not accept donations in kind, including food donations. Logistical efforts delay rapid distribution of these aid materials. Material donations have to be transported, declared, sorted and washed. It is also frequently not possible to make good use of donations in kind.

Support Red Cross aid for those in need in the Ukraine conflict now. Only together can we relieve people’s suffering.

Beatrice Weber, Head of International Disaster Management

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