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A delegate and a delegate of the SRC talk to a family that has fled in an emergency shelter in western Ukraine.

Aid and shelter for internally displaced people in Ukraine

Alleviate the plight of Ukrainian families who have been living in anxiety and unmet hope for months. Your contribution will help provide shelter and essential supplies in western and central Ukraine. This includes psychosocial counselling for trauma victims who have lost hope after such a long time. In Switzerland, your contribution will help refugees quickly settle into their new environment.

Six-year-old Elisabeta washes her hands in an emergency shelter in western Ukraine.

Give a home to those seeking protection in Ukraine.

Give refugees in reasonably safe regions in Ukraine a home. With your donation, you ensure that emergency shelters in Ukraine are more habitable.

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Red Cross aid for the victims in the Ukraine conflict

An SRC delegation permanently reinforces the work of the Ukrainian Red Cross in western Ukraine. SRC specialists are turning buildings not originally intended as housing into temporary homes. More and more families have to seek refuge away from home because even residential areas are being destroyed by shelling. They can only take what they can carry or fit into their cars. The hundreds of thousands of people who have found refuge in the areas of Ukraine that are still safe therefore need shelter and basic necessities. Your donation will help ensure that the displaced people who are unable to stay with relatives can be housed in shelters that are furnished, heated and have running water. The Red Cross provides functioning kitchen appliances and other household equipment and distributes vouchers to particularly vulnerable people: senior citizens, single parents and families with several children.

The SRC plans its support in the long term

After all these months, the refugees’ suffering is immense. Living indefinitely in temporary accommodation is demoralizing and many fear for the lives of loved ones. Countless families have been torn apart. Your donation will also help the Red Cross provide psychosocial counselling for trauma victims. The SRC is also providing support for the URC home care service that assists vulnerable elderly people who have no relatives to help them.

The situation in Ukraine can change at any time. We are using the donations gradually because the Red Cross expects that the civilian population in Ukraine will be reliant on humanitarian aid for quite some time. We are currently planning our work there until at least 2025.

For refugees in Switzerland

In Switzerland, the SRC headquarters and the cantonal associations are helping to provide initial assistance to help families from Ukraine integrate. The SRC has also set up an information website in Ukrainian and Russian where the refugees can find all the information they need on arrival in Switzerland. This takes some of the burden off official entities.

How the Red Cross is helping

Why your financial donation is the best way to help

Financial donations can be used to rapidly provide what those in need require most urgently. Including when needs change. Some essential goods can be purchased more quickly on the ground. This also supports the local economy of a country.

The SRC therefore does not accept donations in kind, including food donations. Logistical efforts delay rapid distribution of these aid materials. Material donations have to be transported, declared, sorted and washed. It is also frequently not possible to make good use of donations in kind.

Support Red Cross aid for those in need in the Ukraine conflict now. Only together can we relieve people’s suffering.

Beatrice Weber, Head of International Disaster Management

How your donation helps

Since the conflict broke out, the Swiss Red Cross has been offering displaced persons accommodation solutions, providing them with psychosocial support, and supplying them with basic necessities. All this is made possible thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Please feel free to contact us

Julian Macchi and his Donor Service team will be delighted to help. Just call us or drop us an email.

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