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Help us fight malnutrition

Every year, as many as 233 million children suffer from malnutrition all around the world.
Having enough to eat is not necessarily a given. Climate change and the steep rise in prices caused by the war in Ukraine have aggravated malnutrition in Bolivia and many other regions of the world.
Your donation will provide an effective contribution to feeding children and their families.

Save the most vulnerable people from malnutrition

Your donation helps save families and children from malnutrition and hunger and make their health more resilient.

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Sustainable development in Bolivia

The Swiss Red Cross has been working in Bolivia since 1978. We support projects that promote food autonomy in rural areas so that children and their families do not lack essential dietary components. To combat malnutrition, our teams promote market gardening and fish farming, as these activities are a good source of fresh produce.

Alternating droughts and floods caused by climate change are jeopardizing harvests, and the war in Ukraine is causing food prices to soar. Your solidarity will enable us to respond effectively to these new challenges.

A smiling woman with a white hat stands before a stone wall.
Without support, we cannot feed our children properly.

Carola Escobar Guerrero, Farmer woman supported by the SRC

Red Cross aid in Bolivia

Your donation makes all the difference

Support our efforts! Your support is the promise of better health for the most vulnerable communities in remote regions. Help children and their families to provide for themselves. Thank you so much for your solidarity!

Please feel free to contact us

Julian Macchi and his Donor Service team will be delighted to help. Just call us or drop us an email.

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