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Disasters in North Africa – support emergency aid

In Libya and Morocco, our teams are helping the victims of the natural disasters. Your donation enables us to support them.

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Forced migrants

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From wars and conflicts to natural disasters and economic hardship, there are many reasons why forced migrants are driven into exile. The Swiss Red Cross works on behalf of forced migrants throughout the world, to ensure they receive assistance and protection. It comes to the aid of displaced persons in their country of origin, along migratory routes and in their host country.


The number of forced migrants in the world is constantly rising. These people are following increasingly dangerous routes, both by land and sea. They face significant risks and challenges during their journeys. Many are victims of abuse and exploitation. They are not aware of their rights or have difficulty asserting them. Language barriers are often an additional problem.

Our goal

The objective of the Swiss Red Cross is to ensure that forced migrants have access to what they need most: food, water, sanitation, shelter and healthcare. It also helps them to integrate and participate in work and social life in their country of settlement. Lastly, the Swiss Red Cross is committed to making forced migrants aware of their rights and ensuring that these are respected.


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What we do

The Swiss Red Cross works in different ways throughout the world on behalf of forced migrants, whether they are refugees or internally displaced persons. It adapts its activities and operating locations in response to current needs. For example, it is active on the migratory routes in the Balkans. It supports Syrian refugees in their own country and in Lebanon. In Asia, it is active in Bangladesh helping people who have fled Myanmar. In Africa, it comes to the aid of displaced persons in Ethiopia. And in Central America, the Swiss Red Cross supports people returning to their country of origin.

Where we help

The Swiss Red Cross assists forced migrants throughout the world.

Our project countries

What you can do

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Help us respond to emergencies

Your donation can help us provide emergency aid after a disaster and support projects for vulnerable people.

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