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Blood donation

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Safe blood saves lives. Swiss Transfusion SRC ensures that there is always enough blood available here. The SRC supports setting up blood donation services in six other countries.


Blood donation services are a key part of healthcare provision. Safe blood enables lives to be saved after accidents and in cases of illness or birth complications. In Switzerland, Swiss Transfusion SRC ensures together with 13 regional blood donation services that hospitals always have enough blood available.

Lack of infrastructure

Setting up a professional blood donation service is a big challenge for poor countries. They often lack the technical equipment, infrastructure and expert knowledge to process blood professionally. Transport and storage of blood bags are considerable challenges as the blood has to be permanently refrigerated to ensure the quality is right.

Blood is in short supply

Volunteering to give blood has a long tradition in Switzerland. But this isn’t the case everywhere. In many countries, people only give blood when someone from their family needs it. Donating blood in solidarity to help someone you don’t know is practically unknown. As a result, little blood is available to save lives in emergencies. Mothers who lose a lot of blood due to complications while giving birth are particularly affected. People who suffer severe injuries and children with blood disorders also rely on blood donation.

Our goal

We are committed to maintaining an adequate supply of blood in Switzerland and improving it in six other countries. Our goal is for blood to also be available for saving lives in emergencies, even in remote regions. Our blood donation projects strengthen healthcare provision. Our actions therefore also support the United Nation’s “Good health and well-being” Sustainable Development Goal (SDG3).


UN global goals

What we do

Sharing experiences

The SRC applies its experience in the area of blood donation in Switzerland to support other countries in setting up this important service. The type and duration of the collaboration varies by country. We adapt to the needs of our partners – the Red Cross or Red Crescent societies – on the ground. We also cooperate closely with the relevant health authorities.

Setting up infrastructure

A safe blood supply requires adequate infrastructure and equipment. The SRC helps with construction measures and improving technical facilities. Employees are given training on high quality standards. When processing blood products, high quality standards must be maintained. Only this can ensure that the blood is safe for patients. Transport and storage of life-saving blood products are also important. It is difficult to maintain the cold chain in countries that frequently have power cuts. The SRC helps to find locally adapted solutions.

Attracting blood donors

The Red Cross carries out informational and educational activities to promote regular, voluntary, unpaid blood donation. Blood donation campaigns are held in towns and villages. This attracts new donors, thus increasing the amount of blood available.

Swiss Transfusion SRC

Together with regional blood donation services, Swiss Transfusion SRC ensures the blood supply in Switzerland.

Swiss Transfusion SRCTo Swiss Transfusion SRC
Swiss Transfusion SRC

SRC achievements in 2022


We strengthen the efforts of countries in Africa, America, Europe and Central Asia to improve their blood donation services.


We began supporting various countries with setting up their blood donation systems in the 1960s.

0blood donors

This is how many people regularly give blood in Switzerland.


Blood facts – a special liquid

  • Blood cannot be produced artificially, so there is no alternative to blood donation.

  • Blood loss of more than one litre can be fatal.

  • Red blood cells transport oxygen; white blood cells combat pathogens.

Where we help

The SRC is currently involved in the area of blood donation in seven countries.

Our mission countries

World map.The Swiss Red Cross project countries are highlighted in red. Here is the full list: Honduras, Laos, Lebanon, Malawi, Moldova, South Sudan, Switzerland.

Your support is important to us

Help us respond to emergencies

Your donation enables us to provide life-saving aid in the wake of natural disasters and support other projects, such as setting up blood donor services.

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