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The Red Cross is ready to help whenever disaster strikes. Its 16 million volunteers can be deployed before, during or after a natural disaster.

Immediate deployment

Disasters that cause great suffering are becoming more common. The Red Cross springs into action immediately to help victims in Switzerland and around the world. The 16 million volunteers within the international network of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement play an important role worldwide. The national societies support each other in their disaster relief operations. Local volunteers are the first to arrive on-site. They provide first aid, help evacuate the local population and distribute vital relief supplies, such as drinking water, food and blankets.

Better protected from future disasters

Even after the immediate relief effort is over, the Red Cross continues to help the victims. The wake of a disaster is the calm before the next disaster strikes. The Swiss Red Cross (SRC) helps to boost the resilience of people living in particularly vulnerable regions. They are then better prepared to cope with recurrent natural disasters.

Help us respond to emergencies

Your donation can help us provide emergency aid after a disaster and support projects for vulnerable people.

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