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Emergency in North Africa – support the disaster victims

Two tragic events have shaken North Africa. Following the devastating earthquake in Morocco, Storm Daniel has wrought havoc in Libya. The toll is mounting daily: thousands of people killed or missing and countless people displaced. They need our help now. 

All over the world, disasters like this happen without warning. This is why it is crucial to be ready to act and not waste a single minute. This preparatory work is only possible with your help.

Your support is precious

During the fateful night of 8 September, an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 shook the High Atlas mountain region in Morocco, around 75 km south-east of Marrakech. The toll is heavy and heartbreaking: thousands of victims, and severe damage to infrastructure. 

Just two days after this terrible event, on Sunday 10 September north-east Libya was hit by a powerful storm. Accompanied by strong winds and torrential rain, the storm caused massive floods, damaged infrastructure – including dams – and swept away entire neighbourhoods.  

In the face of these crises, Red Crescent teams and volunteers were the first to arrive on the scene, evacuating people, administering first aid and conducting search and rescue operations. 

Whether in Morocco or Libya, the SRC helps the rescue teams to provide emergency shelter, psychosocial support, medical treatment, drinking water and food to the people affected. 

How your donation helps those affected by the disasters in North Africa

In this short video, discover clips of aid on the ground, illustrating everything we have already achieved thanks to your generosity. Our teams are continuing their tireless work to help those in need, providing aid and comfort at this difficult time.

Please feel free to contact us

Julian Macchi and his Donor Service team will be delighted to help. Just call us or drop us an email.

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