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Tiffany Circle – philanthropy to strengthen women

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The SRC’s Tiffany Circle is a unique network of women dedicated to philanthropy and the humanitarian values of the Red Cross. We support projects that strengthen disadvantaged women and promote their independence. We are firmly convinced that by empowering women, we not only change individual destinies but whole communities.

Our mission: strengthen women

We believe in strong women. Strong, healthy women have a positive influence on their children and families – and ultimately on whole communities. This is why our members are passionate in their support of women. Together, we help make sustainable changes in the lives of women, both in Switzerland and worldwide.

Positive change through stronger women and girls


From 2021 to 2023, the Tiffany Circle Switzerland concentrated on a Red Cross project in Syria. We supported hundreds of women by helping them to produce and sell dairy produce. This gave them a livelihood and enabled them to support their families financially.

In Switzerland, the women of the Tiffany Circle supported the SRC Tracing Service. War, displacement and migration all cause families to be separated. The Tracing Service helps people find their missing relatives.

Since 2024, the Tiffany Circle Switzerland has been supporting mother and child health projects in Laos. The mothers receive assistance during their pregnancy, childbirth and the important first years of their children’s lives. The Red Cross also educates teenage girls about sexual health and healthy lifestyle choices.


The Tiffany Circle is part of the worldwide Red Cross network. We have branches in the USA, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany. In January 2021, a branch opened in Switzerland. We aim to promote community and knowledge exchange beyond national borders. So, we organize regular events and workshops at our locations. The summit in Washington D.C. is the highlight of the year, with workshops and conferences.

Tiffany Circle and the SRC

The Tiffany Circle and the Red Cross are close partners. As a member of the Tiffany Circle, you gain insight into the work of the SRC and learn how our programmes help people in need.


The name Tiffany Circle dates back to an inspiring event in 1917, when two groups of women from the northern and southern states of the USA came together to support the American Red Cross. Each group donated USD 5,000 to finance magnificent windows for the Red Cross headquarters in Washington D.C. that were produced by the famous Tiffany Studios. These windows symbolize reconciliation and unity after the upheaval of the American Civil War.
This historic donation of USD 10,000 remains a symbol for the Tiffany Circle. It represents the strength of community and a commitment to the well-being of others.

Become a member

Join our global network of committed women. As a member, you not only contribute financially, but also your time and your abilities for a better future. Contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions.

Membership and costs

  • Standard membership: CHF 10,000 per year, including for two tickets to an SRC charity event (value between CHF 1,600 and CHF 2,400)

  • Discounted membership: CHF 5,000 per year

  • Sponsorship: Membership in your name in the form of a donation, such as from a company, foundation or a relative.

5 reasons to become a member

  • Strength through community: Be an active part of a worldwide Red Cross women’s network. Together we can strengthen disadvantaged women.

  • Personal development: Make good use of your abilities and notice the direct impact of your commitment.

  • Exclusive experiences: Enjoy inspiring, international events where you can exchange with like-minded people.

  • Visible impact: Follow the impact of your help, through updates and regular project visits.

  • Influence our work: Your voice and your commitment shape the goals and direction of the Tiffany Circle’s work.

Founders and members

Dania Samawi and Dominique Brustlein-Bobst founded the Tiffany Circle Switzerland in 2020.
Other members:

  • Ingeborg van der Burg

  • Dara Issa

  • Ghada Badrawi

  • Bibi Rana

  • Maleeha Dashti

  • Seema Redha

  • Monika Widmer

  • Carole Turincev

  • Caroline Francioli

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