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Regular donation – make an even greater difference

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Crises strike unexpectedly. Regular donations mean that the Swiss Red Cross is always ready to help people in dire need. Please help us now by making regular donations.

Your advantages

Regular donations have various advantages for you.

  • By making regular donations, your help for people in need is even more effective. Your long-term commitment considerably reduces our administrative costs. So, a larger proportion of your donation reaches people in need.

  • It’s easier for you. Set up your regular donation once by direct debit, a standing order or by credit card and keep on helping people in need.

  • It’s flexible. You can adapt your regular donation at any time, with just an email or a phone call.

Regular donation – make an even greater difference

Make your help for people in need even more effective: Make regular donations to the Swiss Red Cross now and save lives.

I would like to donate monthly .
Donate now

What is your donation for?

Vulnerable people cannot wait. Your regular donation helps vulnerable people both in Switzerland and all around the world. The Swiss Red Cross will use your donation wherever help is most urgently needed at any particular time.

Would you like to decide for yourself what is done with your donation? From 360 francs a year, you can set up a donation earmarked for disaster relief, water, victims of torture and war, or children.

Mujinga Kambunji wäscht sich beim Projektbesuch in Vietnam gemeinsam mit einem Kind die Hände.
A regular commitment enables us to do more.

Mujinga Kambundji, champion sprinter and SRC ambassador

Set up a regular donation

You can set up your regular donation here Opens a new windowin just a few clicks. You can choose the amount and how often (monthly/six-monthly/annually) and enter the payment method information securely.

There is no obligation and no notice period. You can cancel your regular donation at any time or change the details (amount, payment means, how often). All it takes is an E-MailOpens a new window or a call to our donor service. Of course, we would be very grateful for your long-term support.

You can even pause your regular donation for a period of your choice, for example during a stay abroad or an apprenticeship. Again, all you need to do is contact us.


Please feel free to contact us

Julian Macchi and his Donor Service team will be delighted to help. Just call us or drop us an email.

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