In the Aftermath of War and Torture

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Data di pubblicazione: Novembre 2005
ISBN-10 3037770368
ISBN-13 978-3037770368
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Schwerpunkt des Buches ist die Lebenssituation bosnischer Kriegsflüchtlinge in der Schweiz und deren Bewältigung von Traumata. In der Publikation gehen die Autorinnen und Autoren auf theoretische, praktische und klinische Aspekte der sequentiellen Traumatisierung als Folge von Folter oder Krieg ein.

In today's armed conflicts, it is civilians that suffer the most. As a result, the rate of traumatization is very high among migrants driven to flee from such conditions. The violent experiences the they encounter have a lasting effect. The circumstances in receiving countries make coping difficult, and not even their secure stay means an end to their traumatization. It is there two major question arise: What possibilites have victims in coping with such traumas themselves, and what responsibility do societies share in this process? This anthology is devoted to the issues of torture and war traumatizations.