Rescue organizations and centre of excellence

In addition to its 24 cantonal associations, the SRC has five rescue organizations. These are national organizations that are specialized in rescue operations, rescue missions on and in water, air-rescue of the wounded and sick, and search operations with dog teams, etc.

Die Rettungsorganisationen

The rescue organizations teach laypersons how to provide fast and correct emergency assistance along with basic first aid procedures. In this way they also contribute to prevention. They work alongside and relieve the professional rescue services. In addition they help the emergency services deal with major incidents.

In their work the rescue organizations must take account of the seven Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross & Red Crescent Movement. They are entitled to use the red cross emblem in addition to their own logo.

The SRC rescue service centre of excellence, managed by the Swiss Samaritans on behalf of the Swiss Red Cross, promotes cooperation between the rescue organizations but is not a member organization of the SRC.